Posted 09 December 2019

The month of November marked significant milestones …

for two of our ministries. RenovArte Café, where Phil Jones and his wife, Sandy, serve, celebrated the ninth anniversary of this effective disciple-making ministry in Querétaro, Mexico. Our Rroma Workers Network, administered and coordinated by Josh and Manda Pidgeon; to bring the hope of Jesus effectively to Rroma people in Romania, celebrated its fifth year since inception. As an organisation we are glad to be celebrating significant milestones for each of these ministries.

All our ministries are a labour of love borne of the passion of the workers behind them, supported by the people and infrastructure of our organisation, and enabled in absolute reliance on God’s leading as he orchestrates their purposes and provides for their needs. RenovArte Café and Rroma Workers Network are no exception. Through them, lives are being transformed among families and communities in God’s almighty power through the willing obedience of his faithful servants.

However, even as we celebrate, we also continuously petition the Lord in prayer for the future of these, and all our ministries. Life, work and ministry in foreign places can bring unexpected challenges!

Phil and Sandy in Mexico …

Phil and Sandy currently request prayer for an appropriate resolution to a complicated electricity problem affecting the power supply to the café. The issue came to light only recently and could have a financial impact on RenovArte. Despite their initial shock that this problem lay dormant and unnoticed for the first nine years of their tenancy, Phil and Sandy are filled with faith that God has ultimate control over their lives and work in Querétaro. They trust him completely and carry on undeterred because their focus is fixed on God’s calling for them.

Phil and Sandy Jones with the RenovArte Café team in Querétaro, Mexico.
Phil and Sandy with the tea RenovArte Café team.

In November, Phil and Sandy were excited to assist in running a biblical counselling conference at their church. The couple helped provide teaching and instruction to attendees from two hundred and fifty churches across Latin America so that church leaders can return to their own communities better equipped to come alongside families and individuals with the hope that knowing Jesus brings. The couple feel no doubt about the huge blessing it is to be exactly where they are right now, working as God’s instruments to bring the Word of God to those who desperately need to hear and experience it.

Image looking from the pulpit out to the 250 delegates at the Biblical Counselling conference held in November at the Jones' church.
From the pulpit at the Biblical Counselling conference.

Josh and Manda in Romania …

At the end of August this year, Josh, Manda and their daughter, Isla, moved to Romania to administer the Rroma Workers Network on the ground there. Their temporary visas provided them with three months to obtain the correct paperwork and documentation to be approved for long-term visas.

Joah and Manda Pidgeon, with their two-year-old daughter, Isla
Manda, Isla and Josh.

After a mind-boggling juggle to submit all the right things to all the right places while moving in and out of the country, and between other eastern European countries, stretching the precious days of their initial permits as long as possible, the first phase of Josh and Manda’s religious visas have been approved. However, two-year-old Isla’s has not! Josh and Manda currently request prayer for God to guide their path as they submit new paperwork for Isla’s visa, and for a smooth process as they apply for the second phase of their own.

Josh and Manda celebrate five years for the Rroma Workers Network with Rod and their co-worker, Elvira.
Josh and Manda celebrate five years for the Rroma Workers Network with Rod and their co-worker, Elvira

Despite the complications, Josh and Manda’s hearts have never been swayed from the purposes God has in store for them as they live and work with the Rroma. December 1st, 2019 marked National Day in Romania. In Manda’s words, “Please pray with us for this wonderful country we now call home, especially as this December marks thirty years since the fall of communism. Pray that many hearts will find, love and follow Christ through a genuine relationship with him, and that we will know how to be his light and salt to those we live and walk alongside.”

With exceeding gratitude …

we praise our heavenly Father that both RenovArte Café and the Rroma Workers Network are celebrating significant milestones. We are thankful that, through them, our workers minister effectively to the people and communities into which God has placed them. Please join us in praying for God’s continued provision of all these ministries need, and for wisdom for the Pidgeon and Jones families as they navigate the often-complex landscapes their work must traverse.

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