I joined International Teams Australia in 2012, to serve with its End Slavery programme. My work with StreetLight evolved out of this.

Since 2013, I’ve been the Team Leader of StreetLight – a team of amazing volunteers sharing Jesus with women (and sometimes men) working in the local brothels.

Although International Teams Australia is now closing, my work and ministry for StreetLight continues unaltered. We are currently deciding on the best new way forward for StreetLight and will update my supporters with new details as soon as I can. In the meantime, please keep supporting my work by partnering with me as I continue this ministry.

New partners are also always welcome.

The men and women we talk with have many different life stories that have brought them to where they are today. We give them the respect of listening to their stories, and have the privilege of sowing seeds of truth and hope as we share our love and faith in Jesus with them.

Many of the people we meet are from another culture, speak little English and have no understanding of Jesus. They only think of God as angry and ready to punish. Many have a history of trauma and abuse. They wouldn’t come to a Christian church. That is why we go to the places we do.

It is our desire to speak God’s truths from Psalm 139 – that God has always known us, we are always in his thoughts, his thoughts are good about us and that we’re all fearfully and wonderfully made.

StreetLight also encourages churches to reach out to people in their local brothels; to embrace hearts aching for connection, friendship, love, and longing to know Jesus. It is our vision to have many teams ministering in the Sydney area and beyond.

If you would like to financially or prayerfully support me, or have any other questions, please submit your query via the Contact Page.


Support Linda

I rely on God's provision of financial support to continue my work with with StreetLight, through International Teams Australia. Your gift enables me to bring the hope of Jesus to those in Sydney's sex industry.