Posted 12 November 2019

John Harris currently serves on the leadership team of International Teams Netherlands as Field Coordinator. In his role, he oversees and coaches all existing Dutch teams and projects, identifies new or start-up mission opportunities and assists in coordinating partner opportunities for iTeams. This is what John would like to share about being intentionally thankful on the mission field.

So often in life and ministry my attention is focused on the next thing – the next training, coaching session, lesson to teach, website article to prepare, or missionary problem to resolve. We all have those things that we deal with as part of our lives. We can’t avoid them.

Yet, thankfulness is something that I need to intentionally cultivate – it doesn’t come as naturally as thinking about the next thing. As I reflect and give thought, there are many things to be thankful for.

At this moment …

I am thankful for God’s faithfulness as I reach nineteen years of service with International Teams. In all the joys and the challenges, in the successes and the failures, God has been an ever-faithful presence; sustaining, providing, healing, encouraging and carrying me through all these times.

Praise God for John's nineteen years of committed and faithful service to gospel-centred ministry

I am thankful for the amazing team of churches and people that partner prayerfully and financially with me. Together, we bring the hope of Jesus to the marginalised.

I am thankful for …

the privilege it is to coach people; to help them clarify their calling, prepare them to enter into God’s mission. I love that I get to see God in action as he inspires willing hearts, as he brings individuals I work with to the realisation that God is calling them to serve. It gives me joy to prepare and support them as they serve God on the field.

John Harris preaching

I am thankful for the lives that are changed and transformed in big ways and in small ways through our joint mission and that I have the opportunity together with others of making a difference that ultimately sees the hope of Jesus brought into the lives of marginalised people and communities.

Pray for fruitful conversations for John and the iTeams NL team as they work with potential new missionaries through training weekends

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