Support and restoration of individuals in prostitution to freedom, self-worth and healing, in Jesus' name.


International Teams Australia will close over the coming months. Sadly, this means our partnership with Nea Zoi is coming to an end. However, it is important to note that the work of Nea Zoi continues. Nea Zoi maintains its commitment to support individuals in prostitution in Athens, Greece.

Until such time as International Teams Australia officially closes its doors, we will maintain our support of Nea Zoi. Unfortunately this no longer includes accepting donations. However, we encourage anyone interested in supporting Nea Zoi to click here to discover the best way to continue this into the future directly through their organisation.

Please pray for God to bless the work of the Nea Zoi and for those the organisation serves through its outreach and programmes. For more information about Nea Zoi, please see below or visit their website on the link above.

International Teams Australia has also supported Brett Miners and Foss Fizelle, long-time volunteers at Nea Zoi, to volunteer their time at Nea Zoi. Brett and Foss travel to Athens twice each year to provide pastoral care to Nea Zoi’s workers and volunteers, and to help build the capacity of the organisation. As International Teams Australia closes its doors, please contact Brett and Foss directly to find out the best way to support them in the future.

What is Nea Zoi?

Nea Zoi is located in Athens, Greece. It is a Christian non-government organisation which strives to support individuals in prostitution. Nea Zoi, and its associated educational programme/business; Threads of Hope aim to restore men and women to life outside the sex industry.

Why is Nea Zoi needed for individuals in Athens’ sex industry?

Prostitution and sex slavery is an area of great concern in Athens, Greece. Athens is both a destination and a transit country for people being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Intervention to rescue and restore individuals from this industry is vital.

In Athens, men and women can work in legal brothels, or may have been trafficked and are being forced to work in prostitution against their will. Individuals in prostitution are often isolated from and marginalised by the rest of society. They are often the victims of abuse and feel powerless to find a way out of their own situation.

What can Nea Zoi do to help?

Nea Zoi’s outreach programmes establish relationships with those in prostitution through emotional, spiritual and practical support. The care, information and training Nea Zoi offers empowers individuals with the belief that change is possible and gives them confidence to embrace the possibility of a new life outside the sex industry.

The goal of Nea Zoi is to see the men and women to whom they minister restored. Nea Zoi helps individuals to understand themselves as valuable, as people who are worthy of freedom from prostitution and sex slavery. Nea Zoi’s ultimate purpose is to see individual understand that they are known by God; their heavenly Father who loves them.