Restoring hope to exploited women in Europe through life-changing opportunities of education and employment.

What is Threads of Hope?

In 2012, a small group of volunteers from Nea Zoi dreamed about creating a business for women trapped in prostitution. They began with a single sewing machine and sewing lessons in the Nea Zoi office. In 2014, Threads of Hope was born out of this sewing project. International Teams Australia are privileged to partner with Threads of Hope.

Why is Threads of Hope needed for women trapped in prostitution?

Women trapped in prostitution have been exploited. Their lives are shaped by abuse, dsicrimination, intimidation and fear. Because of the trauma and isolation they’ve experienced, they often feel powerless to change their own situation.

What can Threads of Hope do to help?

Exploited women are invited to attend a six-month training programme which aims to empower women with the confidence to embrace a new chapter in their lives, free from abuse, discrimination, intimidation and fear. It teaches both sewing and life skills, Greek and English lessons, biblical studies and other training – depending on each individual’s needs.

The training programme feeds into the Threads of Hope business, in which all women are employed for as long as they need, making a variety of well-crafted products, which can be viewed and are available for sale at

Through Threads of Hope, women once enslaved in prostitution are given freedom, knowledge of the love their heavenly Father has for them and restoration into a new life of dignity and self-worth.

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