Posted 12 November 2019

Linda Burton, StreetLight’s Team Leader …

recently wrestled for several months over whether to re-establish brothel outreach to a brothel the team had not visited for nearly three years. The team had ceased outreach at the time because brothel management had asked them not to return. However, Linda felt God’s prompting that it was time for the team to bring the hope of Jesus through genuine friendship in this location again – to women most often marginalised and isolated by society, but precious to and loved by their heavenly Father.

Pray for clear guidance and wisdom from God about new Brothel Outreach in Penrith. Pray for more Brothel Outreach volunteers and cupcake bakers to support StreetLight's visitation

The Brothel Outreach Team prayed …

about the decision to return, seeking wisdom about God’s intention for them to do so. Collectively, they agreed to trust God and try visiting again. Before doing so, however, they also met to pray discreetly outside the brothel. They asked God to direct their footsteps and that God would provide a ‘person of peace’ to answer the door and welcome them in, much like Jesus directs the disciples to do in Matthew 10:11 when entering a new town to bring the Good News to the ‘lost sheep of Israel’.

The first visit was scheduled for the following week. Linda and another team member were invited in and introduced themselves to a receptionist they’d not met before. Linda explained they were visiting from an organisation which supports women in the local community and that, three years earlier, they had regularly visited the brothel. The receptionist welcomed them warmly.

A door opening from inside a dark room towards the light

“Are you Christians?” she asked.

“Yes, we are,” Linda answered, with a little surprise.

The receptionist went on …

to explain that she herself was a Christian – a Messianic Jew, and that when she’d accepted the receptionist role, she hadn’t realised who she’d applied to work for. After successfully getting the job and discovering who her employers were, she prayed about whether she should stay. She sought wisdom from her parents, who encouraged her to keep it, that maybe she would be able to show them the light of Jesus. She felt God calling her to continue and consider her role as an opportunity to minister to the women working there.

Linda and the team were amazed. Not only had a closed door been re-opened to the women working there, but they now felt God was also calling them to support this young lady in her daily opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus into the workplace.

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Pray for ongoing opportunities for the receptionist to build relationships with the ladies working in this brothel and the other reception staff.

Pray for the provision of a second Brothel Outreach Team Coordinator to lead the Parramatta team

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