Where did International Teams begin?

How did International Teams Australia begin?

The concept of teams of young people traveling to locations to bring the Good News of Jesus began in the heart of a young Australian, Kevin Dyer, more than sixty years ago.

Living in the USA at the time, Kevin described himself and those God inspired him to journey with as “a bunch of college kids with a dream – reaching masses of people with the gospel.”

The first team of six went to India in 1961. They gave out 100,000 pieces of evangelical literature. In the years that followed, millions of people across Asia, Latin America and Europe learned who Jesus was through the distribution of biblical material.

The organisation commenced with people doing just a few months ministry. Now many of our missionaries serve for significant periods of time.

What does International Teams Australia look like today?

We believe that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. Knowing Jesus provides refuge, joy, peace and freedom for anyone, regardless of their present circumstances. The hope that is found in Jesus is the driving force which inspires and guides our ministries.

Every person in our broken world is a gift from God. They are worthy of the opportunity to hear and understand the eternal message of hope God offers all of us through Jesus. Explore our Ministries and you’ll see our belief in action. Faithful teams serving in Australia and around the globe live and work among marginalised people and communities.

We rely on God’s wisdom and guidance. We step forward, led by him, into what we hope will always be a productive and fruitful future of local and global ministry opportunities. Dedicated workers, partners and volunteers serve with us; people willing to see the vulnerable as valuable, people willing to give selflessly of their own time, talents and finances, to help International Teams Australia bring the hope of Jesus to all those God places in our path.

Our strategic pillars for 2019/20 are:

1. Develop stronger partnerships and enhance programs with like-minded local and global organisations.
2. Develop clear pathways & opportunities to enhance these partnerships and programs.
3. Mobilisation & engagement
4. Provide support to those bringing the hope of Jesus to marginalised people and communities.
5. Ensure we have a well-governed organisation with robust systems.

If you feel God prompting you to explore how you can join us, check out the way we work below. Fill in the ‘Stay in Touch’ form to find out anything further you want to know. We look forward to hearing from you.

International Teams Australia Incorporated is an incorporated association registered in the state of NSW (Y2915020) and an Australian registered body (ARBN: 631 900 920)
NSW charitable fundraising licence:  18557
QLD charity registration number: CH3241

International Teams Australia has a foundation of six indispensable principles.

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The hope of Jesus is the cornerstone of all iTeams Australia does. We humbly anchor our work to Jesus’ model of practical, emotional and spiritual care, with the ultimate goal of sharing the joy of Jesus' love with those he calls us to.

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People of the Christian church are called to step out boldly in faith for the sake of the gospel. The local and universal body of Christ have essential roles to play in supporting iTeams Australia workers, their mission and those we minister to.

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ITeams Australia is multicultural and multi-denominational. God created us to live, work and minister in unity with him and with each other. We believe effective ministry is best facilitated through cooperative teamwork and by partnering with other organisations.

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Building long-term, significant relationships is essential to restoring value and dignity to the lives of those isolated on the fringes of society. For workers inspired to serve a term in the mission field, a two-year commitment is encouraged, allowing adequate time to fully embrace relational opportunities.

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Local & International

The marginalisation of people happens everywhere. iTeams Australia believes in meeting people where they're at; in our own neighbourhoods, cities, and across the world.

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There is no one way to reach the marginalised with the hope of Jesus. Anchored in the truth of the gospel message, iTeams Australia encourages our workers to use their gifts and abilities to innovate and create ministries in the way God inspires them.